What is difference between JPG and PNG

Difference between JPG and PNG

What is difference between JPG and PNG


You all must have used the image but when you take a photo with your smartphone, you must have seen that the format of the image is in JPG or PNG and these two are different. So today in this post we will know that what is the difference between JPG and PNG.

What is JPG (JPEG)

JPG (JPEG) Full Form - Joint Photographic Experts Group

JPG (JPEG) is a file type developed by Joint Photographic Experts Group. JPG supports 24 bits per pixel, each 8 bits for brightness, blue and red, which make up the TrueColor format and display more than 1.6 million colors.

JPG images are best for photographic, natural artwork and realistic images. JPG can only handle still images.

Although JPG supports 16 million colors and can produce very high quality images, it also has some disadvantages. Its compression method is harmful to the image, which means that the image you get after decompression is not the same as the original image and it loses clarity and sharpness. Additionally, JPG doesn't work well for line drawing, simple cartoons, letters, or simple graphics.

Unfortunately, JPG does not support transparency and animation.

Because this format is compressed, it is widely used for the web.

What is PNG

PNG Full Form - Portable Network Graphics

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics and is an improved form of the non-patented Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) and is the most commonly used lossless image compression format on the Internet. It supports lossless image compression.

Supports images based on the PNG palette. It supports 8-bit color like GIF, but it also supports 24-bit color RGB like JPG. PNG files are lossless for compression, which means they don't lose their quality during editing.

There are many options for transparency in PNG. PNG-24 and PNG-32 support transparency, but they are more advanced than GIF.

Difference between JPG and PNG

So far above we have known that what are JPG and PNG files, if you have read all the above things carefully, then you must have come to know about the difference between JPG, and PNG files.

If you still have any confusion in understanding what is the difference between JPG, and PNG file, then now we are going to tell you some important differences between them below.

Its full form is Joint Photographic Experts Group.

            Its full form is Portable Network Graphics.

                        It uses lossy compression algorithm.

               Lossless compression algorithm is used in this.

              Some information of the image is lost on decompression.

         The information of the image is not lost due to decompression.

                        It supports 16 million colors.  
                        It does not support transparency in images.              It supports transparency in images.
                        Extensions- .jpg and .jpeg              Extension- .png

                        JPEG is used for photography and does not support animation.

              It is mostly used in image creation.
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