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What is YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing service that allows users to watch videos that are posted by other users or content creators. At the same time, they themselves can upload their videos in it. Although this service was started as an independent website in the year 2005, but it was later acquired by Google in the year 2006.

Videos that are uploaded to YouTube are also visible on the YouTube website, along with they can also be posted on other websites, for which they are posted only where all these files are on YouTube Servers only. are host.


The slogan of the YouTube website is "Broadcast Yourself." This imply that the YouTube service is designed primarily for ordinary people who can publish the videos made by them. Although many companies and organizations use YouTube to promote their business, but most YouTube videos are created and uploaded through amateurs or novices.

YouTube videos are posted by many people who are settled all over the world, who have come from many different backgrounds. This is the reason that you will get to see a very large range of videos in YouTube. For example, some comedy videos, homemade music videos, sports as well as videos of funny events.

What is youtube video download y2

Youtube video download y2 is a video and audio downloading tool that can download video or audio of youtube video. It help you to download video and audio in device so that you can see later without loosing your data.

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