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In today's post, we will talk about Meta Tag, what is it, why it is considered a big factor of SEO, and how to optimize metadata in your blog site. If this blog post has been reached through the search engine, then that too has been possible only because of the meta tag. Meta Tag has been considered as the basis of SEO. This is the first thing to do in creating a website or blog post.

What is the meta tag?

The meta tag is the html tag of the web page which informs the search engine about the metadata of the web page like title, keyword, and description so that the search engine understands what this web page is about. Based on metadata and quality content, the search engine decides the rank of the web page in the ranking.

How many types of Meta Tags are there?

There are mainly 3 types of meta tags-

  1. Meta Title Tags
  2. Meta Description Tags
  3. Meta keywords Tags

Let us now know about them one by one in detail and why it is important for SEO.

What are Meta Title Tags?

Title tags tell search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo what is the heading of your content that you want to appear in the search engine. Title tags help search engine crawlers to read, categorize, and rank your web pages.

The code of the title tag is in such a way that it is inserted in the head section.


What are Meta Description Tags?

The Meta Description tag appears below the title tag in the search engine, which is a summary of the page content of the website. By which Internet users can see and understand what is written on this page.

The HTML code of the meta description tags is written in this way.

Example: What is the meaning of Meta description tags?

What are Meta Keyword Tags?

The importance of Meta keyword tags is no longer given by the search engine, so it is not given much attention now. Keyword is necessary but it is now used only in title and description. So discussing more about it would be a waste of time.

Why are Meta Tags Important for SEO?

  • Meta Tags are considered to be the backbone of SEO, without this no web page can be ranked in search engines. It is also considered the main part of SEO strategy.
  • Because the meta tag itself tells the search engine and the visitor about which topic your web page is written.
  • The web page on which the search engine-friendly and user-friendly meta tag is written, ranks well in the search engine and organic traffic also comes more.

What is a Meta Tag Generator

Meta Tag Generator is an online tool where you can generate meta tags without code skills or advanced technical knowledge.

How to Generate Meta Tags


Fill the details

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Fill the details into the box like- Site Title, Site Description, Site Keywords Now click on the Generate MetaTags Button Copy the code from the box
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