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What is Word Counter

Word Counter is an online text counter where it counts words, characters, and paragraphs. Normally text is used for online work or online text copied from the internet and Mangal font text can be counted through this counter. Word count is the number of words of text in a document or passage. Word count can be needed by a person when the person wants to write the word only up to a certain limit. Word count is used for many things like to know the number of total words of words of an article. e.t.c .

What are words

A group of characters is called words.

Why is the length of the word of the article important for SEO?

To rank the article of a website, it is very important in Google's search engine because to rank any article in Google's search engine, the length of the words of the article should be more than the length of the word of the article without the website. An article without a website cannot rank in the search engine without Google.

If the length of the word of your article is longer, then you will have the advantage that you can put more keywords in the article so that the article can be ranked.

Benefits of having a word counter tool

  • With the help of the word counter tool, you can easily count the total words of the word of the article or the words of the text of a document.
  • With the help of the word counter tool, you can easily count the words of English articles or English words of text in any document.
  • With the help of the word counter tool, you can count unlimited words.
  • word counter tool provides you with the service of counting words for free.
  • By using the word counter tool, you can save time because this tool easily counts your words in a few mini seconds.
  • word counter tool is very easy to use because in this only you have to type the word in the box or paste the words, then click on the word count button, after that your words will be counted.

How to Use Online Word Counter Tool

If you want to use the Online  Word Counter tool, then you can follow the steps I have given below so that you can count words.

  1. In the box shown above, you have to write the words that you want to count, you can paste the copy content from anywhere in the box shown above.
  2. When you have completely written down the words or pasted the copied content, then you have to click on the button with the Count word, after that the word counter tool will show the total number in front of you by counting the words that total in the article- how many total words, how many total characters, how many total characters with space, how many total paragraphs.

online word counter tool

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