New Update

You will found every new update of our website and tools when we update something in our website or coming new tools.

  • WebP to JPG converter tool is live. Now you can use it without any issue.
  • Image Compressor tool is live. 
  • ICO to PNG converter tool is live. 
  • JPG to PNG converter tool is live. 
  • PNG to JPG converter tool is live.  
  • Case Converter converter tool is live. 
  • Word Counter tool is live. 
  • QR Code Generator tool is live.  
  • YouTube Thumbnail Downloader tool is live. 
  • YouTube Video Downloader tool is live. 
  • Color Converter tool is live. 
  • Speedometer tool is live. 
  • QR Code Decoder tool is live.
  • NEW: Lazy Loading feature.
  • NEW: The option to display the number of posts in the Blog.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Improved responsive design on mobile.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Improved GDPR display.
  • REMOVED: All PDF Tools, Image Compressor, Image to Text.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Icon Generator tool is live.
  • Meta Tag Generator tool is live.
  • Robots.txt Generator tool is live.
  • Whois Domain Lookup tool is live.
  • Image Converter tool is live.
  • Image Resizer tool is live.
  • Lorem Ipsum Generator tool is live.
  • Currency Converter tool is live.
  • Adsense Calculator tool is live.
  • JPG Converter tool is live.
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