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What is QR Code

A QR code is a machine-readable optical barcode. In which information related to a particular item is attached. This information can be in the form of “Hypertext”. Which is read by the barcode reader.

The full name of QR Code is Quick Response Code. And it is faster readable than standard UPC barcode and has more memory capacity. For this reason it is more popular and used worldwide than other barcodes.

In this barcode reader, the data of any Locator (URLs), Identifier (Person) and Tracker (a type of code) is hidden. Which opens any website or mobile application.

Only standard code elements are used to encode the information in the QR Code. These standard elements include Numbers (1,2,3…), Alphanumeric (a,b,c,4,6, #, $…), Byte/Binary and Kanji (Chinese writing characters used in Japan). are included.

QR Code Structure

The structure of a simple QR Code is like a square box. Inside which black square boxes remain on top of the white background. Which is read by any image capturing device (camera, smartphone).

What is QR Code

This is a simple QR Code, scan it and see what you see.

Barcode readers use Reed-Solomon codes to read QR codes. Meaning he will keep scanning the image till the correct data is not reached. During this, he keeps on correcting the mistakes included in the email.

Most QR codes are black and white. But these colors are also generated. And they can also be customized according to your need.

History of QR Code

QR Code was invented by Denso Wave, a Japanese company. Which was developed for the automobile industry. Vehicles were tracked at the time of production by this barcode.

Today QR codes are used in a wide field apart from the automobile industry. In which both business and personal use are included. Due to which QR codes are the most commonly used type of 2-D barcode.

Types of QR Codes

Based on the structure and use and purpose of QR Code, it can be divided into two classes.

  1. Static QR Code
  2. Dynamic QR Code

Static QR Code

This barcode is used to transmit public information. And it is edited very rarely. This QR code is published in posters, TV advertisements, newspapers, magazines etc. The creator of this code is able to obtain limited information.

  1. How many times was the QR Code scanned?
  2. And the OS of the device from which the scan is done

Dynamic QR Code

This is a type of Live QR Code. which is edited from time to time. It is also called Unique QR Code. The creator of this code can track a variety of information.

  1. Scanner name
  2. E mail ID
  3. How many times scanned
  4. Access to information contained in the code
  5. Conversion Rate etc.

Characteristics of QR Code

  • QR Code can also be scanned from mobile phone. For this special barcode reader is not required.
  • This barcode is Versatile. With this we can encode almost all types of Binary, Numerical, Alphabets data.
  • QR Code scans fast. That is, it is more readable than other barcodes.
  • Compared to other types (1D, 2D) barcodes, a large amount of data can be stored in QR codes.

Uses of QR Code

QR Code was developed for Business. And today it is being used extensively in the fields of marketing, advertising, education, business, technology, communication etc. And it depends on your imagination. How and where would you like to use a QR code?

  • QR Code is used to run ads for a brand. And at present, consumers can open a brand's website faster by scanning the QR Code instead of typing the URL on the browser.
  • Hyperlinks (webpage address) are included in the QR Code, due to which the QR Code can be easily seen in places like a bus, magazine, business card etc. With which users can get information on any subject by scanning that QR Code.
  • QR Code is also being used for currency. The world's first QR Code currency was launched by the Royal Dutch Mint in June 2011. And by scanning its coins with a smartphone, the history and other information related to that coin is obtained from the linked website.
  • QR Code can be used to login to the website. The QR code is displayed on the computer screen, and automatic login is done when a verified user scans it with the smartphone. WhatsApp makes its desktop user login in the same way.
  • Bank account information, credit card information can be contained in the QR Code. And at present, there are many such websites, in which payment can be made using QR Code. This method is very popular especially in developing countries like China, India etc., due to which people are able to make payments conveniently. BHIM UPI and new UPI and prepaid wallet are examples.
  • You can also do offline tracking through QR Code. and can track any of your websites or other digital products that have been advertised in newspapers, magazines, banners and other traditional methods. And like online advertisement, you can also get some information about it. Like how many people scanned the code, with which device they scanned, name, email address etc.
  • You can send SMS without typing the number. For this, you just have to scan the QR code of the SMS sender. The number comes as soon as you scan. You type the message and send it.
  • You can also share your social profile, office, home address or location of a particular place through QR.
  • You can print your full address on the back of your V-Card (Business Card, Visiting Card) or the address of the online resume page.

How secure are QR codes?

Scanning the QR Code is not considered very secure. Because the scanner does not know what information is coded in this QR Code. But still it does not pose much danger. You will only go to an unknown website or app. Nothing more will happen than this.

Therefore, before scanning the QR Code, the people who publish it, should know about the organization. And when you feel that this institution, person can be trusted. Then scan the code generated by them.

Apart from this, verify the information received after scanning yourself, only then proceed further and avoid using QR code for giving confidential information.

What is QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator is a online web tool where you can make your own QR Code by fill some information which information you want to show in your QR Code. It is the best way to hide your information for normal person. Where a normal person can't see your information without some technical knowledge.

How to Generate QR Code

You can also generate your own QR Code.

  1. First fill your information in the box what you want to scan like - Name, Email, Website Name, or anything.
  2. Then enter your image size according to your need.
  3. If you want to show your custom logo or image then click on Custom logo button and upload your custom logo or image also, enter the logo size which you want to show.
  4. If you don't to want show custom logo or image then skip this step.
  5. Now click on generate button you will see a preview of your QR Code image
  6. In last step your OR Code image below you will see a download button.

QR Code Generator Online Tool

How to Scan QR Code

We do not need any special equipment to scan QR Code. We can also scan it with our smartphone. For this you follow the following steps.

  1. Launch any such app installed on your smartphone. In which the feature of scanning QR Code is present. like; If you want Paytm, you can also download any QR Reader from Play Store.
  2. Now point the camera of your mobile phone on the code you want to scan.
  3. Once you scan, you will be taken directly to the targeted webpage. That is, the information which will be in this code will be opened in front of you.
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