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What is WebP

WebP is a type of image format. It was launched by Google on 30 September 2010. WebP is the latest version in Image Files Extensions. That's why it is called a new format. This Files Supports Both Lossy & Lossless Compression. This size is the least in other extensions such as .JPEG, .GIF or .Png. These days people use it in the images of their blog or website.

What is JPEG

Friends, when it comes to the format of a photo, the name of JPEG comes first. This is the first image format.

Which is used almost everywhere. You can guess this from any of your photos which is in your mobile phone.

Computer, Mobile or simply say that JPG is the dominant language in the digital world. JPEG Full Form (Full Form of JPEG) is Joint Photographic Expert Group.

This format is 24 Bit Colors Per Pixel as well as 16 Millions Colors Supportive. You can use it anywhere by reducing the file size by using Lossy Compression.

Use of JPEG

If seen, this Image File Format is used in many places. But here I am going to tell about something. Which you can easily understand.

  • Use of JPG first of all when we fill an online form. There the photo of this format is accepted.
  • There are only images of .JPG Extension in our Computer System or Mobile. You can check on your phone.
  • When you make a photo click on a studio. So first of all it is saved in JPG format only. After this photo printing is done.
  • Even after the arrival of WebP on any website or blog, JPG is being used. Because there are many browsers in which the WebP format does not support.

What is WebP to JPG Converter

WebP to JPG converter is a online tool for converting WebP format into JPG. It convert WebP image into JPG image without decreasing image quality. 

How to use WebP to JPG Converter


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WebP to JPG converter is a online tool

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